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Let me share with you a secret. A secret that led me from living in poverty with little hope that things would ever improve to a life that I could have only dreamt about.

The secret is this….every single problem that you will ever face has already been successfully solved by somebody else. More to the point……….

They sat down and distilled all of the lessons and experiences into a document that you could probably digest in less than a day if your life depended upon it.


Once I’d discovered how to read books properly my life changed forever. The single most important reason that I’m able to read every single day from 6am until 10pm is that I have taken all of that wisdom and applied it.

I am not the sharpest pencil in the box. I left school with 1 x GCSE in PE. I was diagnosed with ADHD at five years old.

Reading does not come naturally to me. I can’t sit still.

Every time I had a problem in business or life I simply went to the library and tried to find successful people who had dealt with the problem in the past and found a solution.

This isn’t rocket science. Why would anybody try to work it all out from scratch?

These people are our virtual mentors!

Here are some of the people who have been my virtual mentors over the years; Sir Richard Branson, Felix Dennis, Steve Peters, Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Nasim Taleb, Mickey Singer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, J.D Rockefeller.

I could go on forever.

Every single problem I have ever had in my life has likely been experienced by someone far cleverer than I am. Thankfully, some of those people had the forethought and inclination to write about those problems.

This is why I love books so much. Anything I struggle with has a potential solution just sitting on a shelf waiting for me. I am not bright enough to work a lot of this out from scratch.

Once people ‘twigged’ that I loved books so much, they would send me tweets, texts and emails asking what I was reading. So, I put together an email list so that I could leverage the situation by sharing it with as many people as possible. I want you to have a resource for finding books that may solve problems in your own life.

Simply put- I want you to win!

I read every single day. 6 am till I go to bed. I even get up on the weekend early before my babies wake up and sneak off to read before returning home to spend time with my family. If I find something useful from all that obsessive activity then I share it will my subscribers for FREE!

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Liu- “Woo, cannot believe that you reply emails manually. I am feeling it is the right place I should go.”

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Tasmia- “Hey Paul, I’m really impressed that you respond individually to each email! I had to read it over again to believe it. It’s Tasmia 🙂 “

 Every month I send out at least one plain text email with a short breakdown of all the amazing books that I have read that month. In addition, I also send out a full book note for anything that I feel has impacted my life. These book notes follow the ‘three read’ style recommended by Mortimer Adler.

The email is designed to be a quick read with a coffee, and that’s why over 6,500 people have signed up in such a short space of time.

So, to recap, here is what you’re going to get;

  • 24 emails per year with my book recommendations.
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  • You are joining a community of book lovers who all support each other.
  • Book notes on Neuroscience, science, spirituality, finance, Psychology, Technology, business and Art
  • Inspiration on how to read better.
  • Free books! Yes, I give away books every single month. It’s a joy for me to do this.

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